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Last post by ANON, 1 day ago
Called but didn\'t leave a message. Makes sense because Sirius Radio subscription on my new car is expiring.


Last post by Anonymous, 2 day ago
I just received a recorded message from this phone number 1-509-608-3904 . I will pass this number onto the Federal Trades Commission if harassment continues. The message said something about Credit Card.


Last post by Anonymous, 4 day ago
Home security company . DCan you really trust a home security company that doesn\'t show on a caller :)


Last post by Anonymous, 8 day ago
These jerks call me constantly - want to lower my credit cards with a scam. When you ask them to be put on their DNC list, they hang up. I asked for a supervisor, they hang up.


Last post by Anonymous, 8 day ago
Maybe debt collector? Johnathon Wagner tax guy in Circleville,Oh


Last post by Annymous, 9 day ago
Received call from this number. Said they were from Comcast. When asked what it was regarding they hung up..


Last post by Anonymous, 10 day ago
This telephone number does not belong to k t rogers trucking. We have had this telephone number over 8 years


Last post by Anonymous, 12 day ago
There has been no business at this phone number or address for more than 15 years.


Last post by Anonymous, 16 day ago
this number pops up on my caller id 3-4 times a day. Just pesky scammers I guess. One time I did answer the phone and they wouldn\'t say anything.


Last post by "G", 21 day ago
Who is this SOB?? He sounded Drunk when he called!!! I told him not to call my Number again. I hung up and he immediately called back. This time, I used very bad language telling him not to call back!!!


Last post by Darlene, 24 day ago
O is he closed??


Last post by Anonymous, 26 day ago
No message left.


Last post by Anonymous, 29 day ago
Apparently belongs to Linas Salon, but was talking about lowering credit scores, etc.


Last post by Seems FISHY, 29 day ago
Called wanting to discuss my resume but wouldn\'t tell me who they were when I told them I couldn\'t talk because I was expecting a call. I asked for their information so I could call them back when I was done with the call I was expecting and she just responded very shortly that they would just call me back. They called back 2 days later and I missed the call....left no vm I don\'t know who they are but I don\'t trust it....seems fishy....especially since the number is from St Louis area and I\'m in Kansas City.


Last post by Anonymous, 29 day ago
This number has been calling my cell every few days without leaving a message.


Last post by Anonymous, 29 day ago
Thiis is a scam. They are trying to get your personal data claiming that they can get you medical compensation for a surgery you had in the past. When you ask them questions about what company they are and what this is about, the say you are asking too many questions and hang up. Just block this number.


Last post by Anonymous, 1 hour ago
her name is jenn. she\'s a druggie and bangs guys for pills and cash even though she\'s married. dirty hoe but sexy body and bangs like a porn star...mmm


Last post by Anonymous, 17 hour ago
Yes I have received a strange call from this number. He was asking where I live and would not tell me who he was or how he got my unlisted number. I hung up.


Last post by Andrew Ahern, 1 day ago
My number is 603-475-1638 stop calling me now from every number that you ar calling me now! I\'m not switching you guys are terrible cable sucks!


Last post by Andrew Ahern, 1 day ago
Stop calling me immediately. Put me on the no call list on all of your numbers from philly to California to Louisiana. Stop all calls now! I\'m not switching to you guys cable sucks!!!


Last post by PS, 1 day ago
Bonjour, je suis la vraie Patricia Salhuana. Je ne comprend pas pour quoi mon nom se trouve attaché à ce numéro que d\'ailleurs ça n\'a jamais était le mien.


Last post by Anonymous, 1 day ago
614-131-6374 = caller id = V329163348000479 = bogus phone number = robocaller for a variety of scams/spams = from 334-800-0479 = may be bogus too = bottom line = bogus caller = I am blocking and so should you!


Last post by Anonymous, 1 day ago
Was number of my old consulting business and terminated in December 2016. Forwarded to my cell phone for inquiries


Last post by Bob, 2 day ago
1:47 EDT, March 28, 2017. No message. Probable spam call. Registered to a cell phone? Web search shows different registrations, different cities.


Last post by Anonymous, 3 day ago
got one yesterday, no one on the line, perhaps robocall transferring to someone else. I hung up.


Last post by Anonymous, 3 day ago
That girl is nuts


Last post by Gian, 3 day ago
very inappropriate and fastidious calls


Last post by Anonymous, 17 day ago
The owner is a psychopathic maniac! This place does terrible business!


Last post by Anonymous, 19 day ago
called about a warehouse dropoff and sent 2,780.45$ in the mail to make purchases for a warehouse but the business name was not disclosed.


Last post by Anonymous, 27 day ago
This number call me

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