Phone Number: 828-676-1188

Do you receive a strange phone numbe 8286761188 or unwanted messages from? See below for more information on this phone number and user reports.
Phone Number:
+1 (828) 676-1188
Company Name:
Digital Home Solutions
Company Address:
170 Bradley Branch Road # 9, Arden, NC 28704
North Carolina
United States
Area Code:
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62 times
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Last post by LD, 24 day ago

Same here. He called me Friday evening. It was either a prank or a drunk. He knew my name and address, which I suppose he could have gotten out of a local phone book. But it still concerned me. He wouldn\'t tell me who he was or why he was calling, and wanted to know where I was from and whether I had any \"swamp babies.\" I assume that is some kind of derogatory reference, but I\'m hung up on him.

Last post by "G", 17 day ago

Who is this SOB?? He sounded Drunk when he called!!! I told him not to call my Number again. I hung up and he immediately called back. This time, I used very bad language telling him not to call back!!!

Last post by Anonymous, 26 day ago

Yes I have received a strange call from this number. He was asking where I live and would not tell me who he was or how he got my unlisted number. I hung up.

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